Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whales Dying En Masse: Signs We’re Next


Videographer David Vose points out that whales are dying en masse, in another example of strange animal and sea life behavior. Recently we have seen birds falling out of the sky dead,Bald Eagles dying in Utahstarfish turning to goo, multiple species of sea life gravitating to areas in record breaking numbers and 98 percent of the Pacific ocean floor is littered with death – yet the “official” reports claim that each instance has a different cause, from global warming to West Niles virus, yet with the massive radiation coming from the cripple Fukushima nuclear plant, some might ask if that could be the cause, but the majority of the MSM refuse to even consider it, while the government turns off their radiation monitors (or claim they have) and say “everything is fine.”

Today it is the whales…… will humans be tomorrow?